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Purchasing Candle Making Necessities on a Budget

More and more people are starting to make candles in their spare time, and many of them will turn their hobby into a way to earn a living. At some point, they may even be able to quit their full-time jobs, and completely replace their income by the money they make from their candles. Candle making can be an expensive hobby, unless you take the time to shop around and compare prices on your basic supplies. You have to be careful though, as you donít want to sacrifice quality, as poor quality materials could potentially ruin your candles. If you create and sell candles for a living, you have to keep your costs as low as possible, but if you sell low-quality candles, you will lose customers, which is not conducive at all to your success. You could even lose your business for this reason alone.


There are some ways that you can keep your material costs down, without jeopardizing the quality of your candles. When you start making candles for a living, you should develop a supplies list, listing all of the materials you use in your candles. You should include the material name, the manufacturer, the price you paid, and the weight of the item, such as 10 pounds of beeswax. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office, you can probably keep all of this nicely in an Excel spreadsheet. You may also want to make an extra copy to keep in your purse, so as you are out shopping, if you run across something that looks like a good deal, you can check your notes to make certain it really is, and if so, add it to your list. Some stores will run ďsalesĒ, that really arenít a sale, so you have to be careful. Check with your local craft stores often, as they will likely have sales just before the holidays and when they have excess inventory. This can be a good time to stock up on supplies that you know you will use.

Many business owners buy a lot of their candle making supplies off of E-bay as well. People often spend money on new craft projects, looking for something to do as a pastime, and then decide they donít like it as much as they thought they would, and list their remaining supplies on E-bay to try and recoup some of their funds, which is where you can rack up. Again, know what you are getting and be careful to consider the price and the shipping costs, just to make certain that you really are getting a good deal.

For the supplies that you use regularly, such as the wax you make your candles from, you might want to think about buying in bulk from wholesale distributors. This may seem expensive at first, as you will be paying quite a bit of money, but if you break it down to a per pound price, you will see that you really are saving in the long run. Many wholesale vendors have websites to promote their products, again, just be careful to check the quality before making a large purchase. Some will even give you extra incentives for buying from them, such as no-cost shipping, or extra discounts off the purchase price. Some candle makers even team together, each contributing a portion of the cost, to purchase in bulk their supplies, which gives you even more discounts.

When you are buying candle supplies, it is a good idea to look at the ingredients, and compare those with what you already have on hand, just to make certain you are getting a comparable product. When you purchase from a new vendor, it is better to only buy a couple of products the first time, so that you can test the quality for yourself, before committing to a large purchase. If the quality of the items is good, then you can always go back and purchase more later on.

Smart candle makers know that they donít have to spend a lot of money on special jars or candle holders for their candles. It is relatively easy to find these items for sale in bulk, at really cheap rates. Some donít even use holders at all, it is up to you, and depends on the type of candles you make.

If you can find a good price on candle making necessities, without sacrificing the quality of your finished products, you should take advantage of it. By being a smart shopper, you can really maximize your profits, saving you a tremendous amount of money over the life of your business.

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